Why Everybody Loves a Good Story

As human beings, we are hard-wired to love a good story.  Stories shape our emotions and vice versa.  We use them to define ourselves, to justify or explain our existence, the things we do, value and believe.  Put simply: we define our stories and our stories define us.    

Despite this, (or perhaps because of this) many of us find telling our own story difficult.  Especially when we focus too closely on irrelevant details.  Up close, it becomes almost impossible to find the central thread and make a coherent shape out of the complexities.  Counter-intuitively, we need to zoom out and lose our personal perspective, to put ourselves on the outside of our story and look in.

This problem is particularly difficult for sole-traders, when you are your business and you are your brand.  More than anything else, you need to get your story straight.  Simply telling your audience who you are is not enough: you need to SHOW them.  Your story must resonate on an emotional level, communicating your good value for them, your passion for quality and desire to meet their needs. 

How we fail, and triumph, determines our journey and there’s always room for improvement.  In the same way, it doesn’t matter if you’re struggling or have struggled, success is not the key here.  The key is reflection, a sense that you are learning.  You also need to leave your reader with a keen sense of hope and resolution…that you’ve reached a sustainable and useful solution that’s worthy of emotional investment.

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English Teacher and Copywriter

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