Why I Love Blogging

I started blogging with a just-for-fun WordPress site and wrote about adventures that I had been on with my touring bike. Getting the first ten posts completed was really easy as the ideas for them were already in my head!

A friend of mine has a daughter who had written a blog as a final year option for her Degree in Journalism instead of a dissertation. She told me that some people from her course had gained offers of work as a direct result. I thought that blogging would be a great idea for many reasons, mostly to hone my skills, demonstrate my style and create a portfolio of articles.

Like journaling, blogging and writing in general are cathartic. Also the more you write, the better you get at it. I’m not an expert yet… I’m learning and enjoying the journey. I’m also getting braver at sharing my brand stories: why I chose to leave teaching to strike out as an solopreneur, how I feel about some of the pressures I’ve had to deal with. https://slow-cycle.com/2018/12/04/on-work-related-stress-teachers-can-knit-fog-and-plait-sawdust-until-they-cant/ The braver I’ve been, the more profound the reaction and engagement has been in response.

Ideally blogging is an extended conversation between friends. A favourite guest post on my blog featured the inspirational woman who first got me involved in cycle touring across France (when I was getting divorced and at a cross-road in my life). And this is what I want my business to do: to celebrate the successes and journeys of people who go out of their way to help others… Those who don’t always want to shout out or speak out for themselves but deserve recognition and thanks.

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English Teacher and Copywriter

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