Changing Times! Uncertainty and the Virus!

  1. First of all the news spread from China. Something about a wet and dry market in Wuhan. They built a massive hospital in record time and got really nifty with the PPE.
  2. It hit Italy and footballers and got a bit more real.
  3. We all started washing our hands, or tried to, because many of us didn’t have the right equipment at work or home.
  4. We sang Happy Birthday twice with soap and water.
  5. We started to think about going in to isolation but we didn’t like it.
  6. Rich, famous and powerful people started getting the virus.
  7. Our elderly parents went into self-isolation.
  8. The NHS prepared to go untested, ill-protected and ill-prepared in to battle.
  9. We ran out to the shops and started buying loo roll and pasta.
  10. The Government started sending us texts.
  11. We had meltdowns because we had just filled our cars up without protective gloves.
  12. They shut the schools, colleges and workplaces, sector by sector as the news got more serious by the day.
  13. Everyone started moving further apart at the Press Conferences.
  14. We all had sleepless nightmares watching Bo-Jo intoning his War-on-the-virus speech.
  15. Some of us on zero hours, daily, new to the job or self-employed lost our income.
  16. We found out who The Chancellor of The Exchequer was.
  17. We learnt about what “being furloughed” meant.
  18. We couldn’t see our mums on Mother’s Day.
  19. We got obsessed with social media and ordering stuff online.
  20. Some people around us got the virus.
  21. Others waited to see if it would creep up on them… (Unfinished)

Published by rmcintosh2018

English Teacher and Copywriter

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