Good Apple Copy: Here to Listen

Here to Listen!

Methods for capturing information about the language we use is garnered in all sorts of ways that even I can’t imagine.  Yes Alexa, Google and Amazon, I’m talking about you, not to you! Capturing speech is important: we need to find out what people are thinking and talking about so we can adapt and meet new needs. However human, however flawed, there’s nothing quite as revealing as the words we use…

I am looking forward to working with businesses who are looking for new ways of listening and engaging in dialogue with others in these times of change.

If this is for you, I can offer you my keen ear on the end of a phone.  Hopefully we’ll have a decent chat.  I’ll capture your words which I’ll then edit and shape for effect so you can put some questions out there and start new conversations with others. 

Call me on 07504007740  to discuss your requirements.

Published by rmcintosh2018

English Teacher and Copywriter

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