5 Tips for Working from Home

Thanks to Glenda Strong for the original artwork x

Good Apple Copy and Tutoring

This is all tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, tell me what works for you because I’m clueless! Thanks to Glenda Strong for the original artwork.

The Temptation

  1. Get dressed! Lock up those jiggly bits and put them away. For me this means a bra and no pjs. Fellas: put some trousers over your boxers! Is underwear a thing of the past?
  2. Make lists then prioritize. Do something useful. Swap between big-picture and small-picture thinking until you feel dizzy. Zoom in and out until you get that Eureka! moment.
  3. Pick up the phoneor email your close connections. Work on looking after your regular clients first.
  4. Go for it when you can, within regular work hours. Tell everyone else to bog off. A genius at work is not to be interrupted!
  5. Take regular breaks, bust out your best dance moves, do flick-flacks around the garden, run up to the loo…

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