Interview with Ruth McIntosh at The Good Apple Copywriting Service for Kumi Osawa

Total Word Nerd

Tell us about your business!

I’m a total word nerd!  I love sharing stories so I offer copy-writing, content writing and proof-reading services through my business Good Apple Copy. 

I blog for business and have two WordPress blogs. I also publish posts by guest writers so anyone looking to collaborate is welcome to contact me.  Interested?  I’ll proof-read and publish your post free of charge! Goodapplecopy is a vehicle for brand stories and new content whilst is a just-for-fun blog for lovers of experiential travel.

What made you start your own business?

I was a teacher of English in secondary schools for 20 years before I took time out in 2018 to volunteer in a book shop at a National Trust Property.  Following that, I worked for youth and disability charities, primarily as a support worker.  I also had fun by teaching creative writing, organising events and updating social media so I thought… In my next move, I’ll do more of that!

What advice can you give to those that are looking to start their own business?

Like many people starting their own businesses, I’ve found getting started a lonely and tricky business.  You never know how it will work but sometimes there’s a spark that you can nurture in to a flame.  I’ve found Networking a valuable source of information: when people come together, they can collaborate and exchange skills.  I’ve learned not to be shy!  When you have a small business, you are your brand so you’ve got to SHOUT about what you do and put yourself out there.  I’m confident in myself and my abilities, I think you’ve got to be. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’ve got two children in secondary school so I spend my spare time supporting them with their learning.  I’m also in to Art, walking, cycling very slowly, salsa dancing, mooching and eating.  I read a lot, sometimes a book a day.  I spend a lot of time day-dreaming! 

What’s your favourite song and why?

I’ve been humming American Pie recently!  I remember the original version by Don McLean. I don’t object to Madonna-mother-of-reinvention’s rendition but the story doesn’t read the same as the lyrics are about a young musician losing his idol. 

A long long time ago
I can still remember how
That music used to make me smile…
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And maybe they’d be happy for a while

But February made me shiver
With every paper I’d deliver
Bad news on the doorstep
I couldn’t take one more step…

Sure, the lyrics tell a story and there’s that feeling of loss and sadness which starts to subside a bit when you get to the chorus before returning with a vengeance.  It’s sad to think of a world without music or dancing.  Impossible too.  There are so many other things that are touched on in this song: missing people, thinking about collective experiences.  I’m not a muso but my current boyfriend got me hooked on him when he played guitar and sang a soppy song.  Yes, I am a sucker for emotional blackmail!  He’s also an excellent salsa dancer with cool friends so that’s all good.

What have you learned from lock-down?

Since the world went in to lock-down we’ve been learning so much so quickly, once we recovered from the culture-shock that is. We’re constantly being bombarded with challenges so I think that the corona-coaster will be one hell of a ride with twists and turns a-plenty.  On a basic level, I’ve learned how to breathe in a smaller space without losing my mind and how to open up to the wider world with my writing. I still have the odd wobble every now and again. This crisis has made me feel vulnerable and grateful for what I’ve got.

What help do you need to develop your business?

Reflecting on my business and personal growth I’ve realised that I’m not yet “a big sharer” beyond my current circles.  Hello reader!  Please can you help me with this?  The most important thing I’ve learned is that health comes first. As long as you’ve got that, you’ve got time on your side.

What’s new for you in 2020?

Ideally, I’d like to pick up a range of regular clients from different kinds of businesses, charities and service providers. 

My big vision is that my writing will, in some small or massively-successful way, reduce social isolation, stress and other nasties.  There’s also a desire for me to hear and share diverse voices, tackling issues around sustainability and kindness so that we can look towards the future with confidence.

Copyright 2020

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English Teacher and Copywriter

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