Stay-at-Home Problems

Funny things happen when we stay at home or lose our positions in the wider world.  When these things happen, our identity “slips” in to the unknown because we are no longer defined by external forces.  Having the time to worry and feel low doesn’t help but that’s where we are right now.  We’re afraid, we lack courage.  It’s OK, we’re only human. 

Some thoughts on COURAGE by Glenda Strong,

courage for me can be picking the phone or simply walking out of my front door to greet the day. Sometimes that takes huge effort.  For the small things in life I am very careful.  For the big things in life I will risk it.  Big acts of courage have been moving countries, for example immigration to the UK and starting over, establishing a new identity as an illustrator and leaving behind the security of a regular salary and job description.  Courage is a work in progress and the will to simply keep going… the courage to be me”.

Looking from the outside in, or from a distance, it is easy to see the journey.  This is enough.  Most of us have been through MASSIVE CHANGES before.  So, the good news is…YOU CAN DO IT!

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