Different ways of Talking and Listening to Voices

Many thanks to Suzanne Smith at ReconnectingYou for hosting our WISETribe meeting today via Zoom. It’s always good to share problems and solutions.

Some take-aways:

  1. Many of us are working flat-out to get our businesses online. In the post-pandemic lexicon, this means that we are pivoting, creating new events, products and services. You might hate the word, but pivot! you must.
  2. We’re home-schooling kids or looking after students who have bounced-back from University. This means managing resources, creating boundaries and instilling discipline so that everyone can continue to function.
  3. We’re teaching and learning life new skills, particularly around conversations and chatting. This means using Zoom and getting kids to interact with teachers via email so they can get their voices heard, giving and getting feedback on their learning.
  4. We’re thinking about how to look after our homes and other properties we manage for other people, making places safe and sustainable to live in.
  5. We’re looking ahead at building communities to support people who are struggling with the changes and challenges wrought by social isolation.

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One thought on “Different ways of Talking and Listening to Voices

  1. As business words go, pivot is amongst the least offensive. Boom, smash it, kerching are among my least favourites. The thing about the pivot is that we’re going through a double pivot. Getting your business online is the start of a much more complex manoeuvre. Double pivot that lands somewhere you can’t see yet! Online is a known space, where we head after that is unknown. The exciting thing is that whilst we can’t see the whole of the future we can all see a little if it, especially if the work we’re doing is our real work! Embrace your pivoting!


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