What Makes You and Your Business Unique?

I love getting to know people. It doesn’t take long to strike up a quick chat but that human connection often makes all the difference. Here’s some background information and a quiz about me. Can you separate fact from fiction?

I was born in a northern town in Cheshire, 7 miles south east of Manchester, where the river Tame and Goyt merge to create the Mersey. For many years, my home-town was famous for hat-making. People from this place were sometimes said to be “mad as hatters!”. In fact, it was the chemicals used in the manufacture of the hats that caused this phenomenon.

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Q1. What is the name of the town where was I born?

A: Bolton

B: Barnsley

C: Stockport

My first job teaching English was at a summer school near Barcelona. It was a great challenge, something which I gave a huge amount of energy and thought to. It was also fun. I had studied English Language and Linguistics at Sheffield University, (gaining First Class Hons), so that helped. After my third year on summer camps, I also did a TEFLA qualification (to teach English to adults).

Q2. What did I teach in Barcelona?

A: Dance

B: English

C: A school of dolphins

I returned to Sheffield University to qualify as an English and Drama teacher. After that I worked in some of the best secondary schools in Derbyshire. I was in charge of GCSE English and English Literature examinations for seven years. I also taught A Level English Language and General Studies.

Q3. Which exams was I in charge of:

A: Spanish and French

B: English and Literature

C: History and Geography

After my second child was born I took time time out of mainstream education and became a Parent Governor of the playgroup my children attended. I also taught children of all ages who were out of school because they were unwell.

When my youngest started school, I went back to teach in schools. I then discovered that schools had changed: Michael Gove was in charge of the Department of Education. Children were forced to study complex Literature and they were not allowed to talk or ask questions. That made me feel very sad so I went to work for charities where I could help young people who had been excluded from school with their spoken and written English.

Q4. Who changed the school system and became my arch enemy?

A: Michael Gove

B: Lex Luther

C: Winston Churchill

I started writing down the stories of young people who want their voices to be heard. During the Covid-19 lock-down, I started developing my two blogs: Good Apple Copy, a storytelling and English tutoring business and Slow-cycle.com, a source of information for people who like cycling and slow, experiential travel.

Q5: What kind of people do I listen to and work with?

A: Rock stars and popstars

B: All sorts of people

C: Footballers and the super-rich

If you have any more questions about me or my services, please ask. Get in touch if you are interested in getting tuition for your child or you would like some help with your brand story. Let’s chat! Ruth 07504007740. Email ruthmcintosh9@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “What Makes You and Your Business Unique?

    1. Thanks Dawn, I’m really keen to share my “why”… why I left teaching and how it has given me the freedom to teach in a way that is enjoyable, participatory, useful and fun. Also hoping to do some video content at some point. Looking forward to catching up and working on your guest post soon.


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