Escape to the Chateau (or cafe) on yer bike!

As winter nights draw in, maybe you would enjoy reading about women like you going off to find new places on their bicycles? If this appeals, “In Search of Adventure” could be the book for you… even if you haven’t got on a bike yet and you’re just dreaming about it!

Written in lockdown, the book offers a collection of stories about real women who ride with “Breeze”. Some of them are bonkers, they’re all tough and they’ve learned a lot on the way on their journeys to wherever they are!

Click the links below to find out more.

Short stories about women who cycle…

In Search of Adventure…

Contributors include:

Maryam Amatullah, Melanie Carroll, Susan Doram, Liane Higham, Snjezana Jojic, Sarah Layden, Janet Steel, Janine Morrall, Joanne Westwood and Nicky Woods.

Edited by Ruth McIntosh

Published by rmcintosh2018

English Teacher and Copywriter

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