Ruth McIntosh aka The Good Apple

The Good Apple is here to help you find the right words. My aim is to have a friendly and constructive conversation with you so that we can work on a strategy to improve your writing.

Let’s work together to build your confidence.


If your child needs support with their English, I am here to listen and help out. Whether this is sharing reading and understanding or writing creatively, I can guide your child through their learning so they will grow in confidence and get stuff done.

Good Apple Copy – Tutoring

We chose Ruth as we needed someone with detailed knowledge of the English A level curriculum. As an ex teacher, she has just that and knows where to target the tuition. My son has had a few lessons with Ruth now and he has already seen an improvement in his marks at school. It is great to get 1-2-1 attention with tailored advice.


Content Writing

If you are moving your company on-line you will need a content strategy that will talk to customers, stakeholders and employees. I can help you get the right tone and bridge the communication gap by shouting, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS!”.

Good Apple Copy – Content

All I was thinking was how to put what I had in my mind on paper. So many things were going inside my head and I couldn’t see a way of putting it out or express it in any way. I know what I want to say but don’t know how to get it out or put it together. It was not easy talking about myself but she listened, put my words in writing and it started to flow.


Life Writing

For those wanting to put their life story in writing, I offer a bespoke package of one-to-one online interviews and follow-up services to put your words and thoughts in to a book.

E-books and audio books also available.

Good Apple Copy – Publishing

Oh my goodness – I had no idea that I even had such a strong a story to tell! Through gentle questioning and recapping, Ruth has helped me to pull together the story of how I became a specialist practitioner. I am now able to look back on that journey and see the logic and sense behind the steps I took in a way that hadn’t been clear to me before.


Let’s build something together.

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