Ruth McIntosh aka The Good Apple

The Good Apple is here to help you find the right words. My aim is to have a friendly and constructive conversation with you so that we can work on a strategy to improve your writing.

Let’s work together to build your confidence.


If your child needs support with their English, I am here to listen and help out. Whether this is sharing reading and understanding or writing creatively, I can guide your child through their learning so they will grow in confidence and get stuff done.

Tutoring via Tutorful

Content Writing

If you are moving your company on-line you will need a content strategy that will talk to customers, stakeholders and employees. I can help you get the right tone and bridge the communication gap by shouting, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS!”.

Good Apple Content


When you’re an expert in your field keeping it short and accurate might be a challenge. Sometimes less is more. Jargon-busting Plain English and superb spelling, punctuation and Grammar will make you look and sound like a smooth operator.

Good Apple Editing

Let’s build something together.

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